About Us

Our Mission

To provide the best quality knives for your kitchen and adventures no matter what those adventures may be. 


How we can help

We try to take the guesswork out of knives, "what is good steel?"  Is this a good knife?  We try out the blades we sell and when we make them we only use the best steel for the job along with handle materials and sheaths

About Us.

Since we were kids camping with mum and dad, we got to use our boy scout knives and fell in love with knives in general.  Then living in northern Alberta, hunting fishing and camping, the love affair continued....."I need more knives....Can you have too many?  Never!"  haha

Then we were in the rockies....hiking in Banff National Park, Jasper, Waterton, Yoho, Kootenay.......sometimes for 5-6 days.....back in the middle of nowhere.....you need a good knife, a good axe and bear spray.


 (Mt Robson Berg Lake with my brother Greg.)

As life moves on, as we have all found, "Some of our greatest adventures are in the kitchen." 


A new dish, your favorite recipe......cooking as a passion.  Like anything....you need the right tools for the job!