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Lava Flow Chefs Knife 10"

Lava Flow Chefs Knife 10"

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The best steel means no more dull knives

It cuts pizza like a dream with its length

Chop vegetables with ease with its weight

440C steel is used on high quality chefs knives

The Lava Flow resin handle is made to be comfortable, controlled, easy to use. 

The blade is designed to allow you to use it for any task in the kitchen with out hitting. your fingers on the counter

It has a beautiful Mosaic pin in the handle that is very beautiful, your friends will be jealous.

Comes complete with a leather sheath to protect you and the knife if it is in a drawer.

***** Remember...Never put your good knives in the dishwasher or leave them lying in a sink of water.  It dulls the blade and can affect the handle material.

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