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Damascus Steel Hunting Skinning Bushcraft Blade

Damascus Steel Hunting Skinning Bushcraft Blade

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7 beautiful Damascus Blades to choose from!!

Made with 15n20 steel paired with 1095 to create this beautiful  Damascus Blade.

Overall length: 8.5  inches 

· Blade length: 4.25 inches 

· Sheath: hand stitched genuine cowhide leather with a belt loop.

· Handle material: Stabilized Wood, Epoxy Resin, Black Walnut stabilized, Blue MIcarta,

· Weight: 150 to 165 grams (approximately)

· Entirely handmade.

These blades are between 55 -58 (HRC) on the Rockwell scale.


As these blades are forged  using high carbon steel, It can rust when not cared for properly. You will need to make sure the blade remains clean and dry in order to prevent rust or discolouration.

After cleaning and drying your knife, you should lubricate it with wax or Oil to prevent moisture from affecting the blade. This will keep you knife rust-free and maintain its etched beauty.

Do not leave it in the sheath for extended periods of time, as leather will retain moisture and affect the blade.

Avoiding abrasives--rough cloths, metal polishes, steel wool, etc.--is important to maintaining the look and quality of the blade.

Using a micro-fiber or cotton cloth to dry it, the softer material will not damage or mark the blade.

By taking good care of your Damascus steel knife, your knife will last longer and maintain its unique look

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